Coolsculpting is ideal for treating...

• Love handles and the waist

• Lower abdomen

• Upper abdomen

• Inner thighs

• Outer thighs

• Bra rolls

• Hips

• Arms

• Banana rolls

• Male breasts

• Double chins

• Knees


While CoolSculpting is highly effective at slimming and contouring the body by reducing local deposits of fat, it is not considered a method of weight loss.

The best candidates for CoolSculpting are within a healthy weight range, but have excess fat that creates an aesthetic disproportion and does not seem to respond to diet or exercise. To learn more about whether CoolSculpting is right for your needs, please contact me today to set up your private consultation.

Jeanne Paulus RDH, founder and CEO, of Coolsculpting Concierge created her brand to address the need in the body contouring realm for a patient-centric, high quality treatment where clients could experience top-tier body contouring in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Most importantly, the Coolsculpting Concierge ethos is based on patient education. Only by being educated about their condition, all relevant treatment options, advantages and disadvantages of those options, can patients make optimal treatment decisions.

As a Master Coolsculpting specialist, Jeanne has a track record of over 3000 treatments of achieving exquisite results for her clients, and is dedicated to providing the most innovative and groundbreaking new treatments on the market. Each patient receives a customized one-on-one consultation and treatment that targets their unique trouble zones. This personalized attention coupled with expert skill and artistry is the reason why Jeanne is known as Sarasota’s premier non- invasive body contouring expert.