Health Coaching

(Physical + Mental Body)

Taking a deeper dive

Do you want to know the secret to attaining your “perfect” body?

Have you really thought about what that looks like to you, I mean REALLY imagined your physical body in its highest form?

It really lies in more of who you’re “being” consistently, than what you’re “doing” that matters. Think about it, when you look in the mirror at yourself, what internal or external dialogue do you have going on? More often than not, we’re not as compassionate with ourselves as we think we are…my clients usually say they “hate, dislike, can’t stand, disgusted, fed up, so fat, too big, too old..” when asked about how they think/feel about their body. And, listen, we have ALL been there and said some of those very things, and lets be honest- feeling those things either drives you to take action and change what you see or not. What I mean in who you’re “being”, is taking those beliefs and turning them around. Your beliefs about your body are quite literally why it looks and functions the way it does. Your mind controls your body. When your mind and body are working synergistically, there is not a lot of effort into reaching and maintaining your ideal physical body. That is called alignment. Does it take some effort to change your body of beliefs and negative self-talk, yes. Just like the negative narrative surrounding you now, we work to replace it with a positive one.

These next words are states of “being,” as you read, imagine what each of these looks/feels like to you + take note if you or others describe you in these ways: